Ballarpur, St.Thomas Cathedral Church

Parish: Ballarpur
Place Name: Ballarpur
Patron: St. Thomas
Parish Vicar: Rev. Fr. Nirappel Mathew
Assistant Vicar1: Rev. Fr. Parassery Vigil
Established Year: 1934
Address: St.Thomas Cathedral, Ballarpur P O, Chandrapur
Pin: 442701
Phone: 07172/242287
Catholic Families: 130
Religious Houses: 1). Vianney Convent(FDSHJ) 2). Sant Chavara Nivas (CMI) 3). MonFort Bhavan (SG) 4). Wisdom Sisters(DW) 5). Dilasagram Convent(SHSp)
Institutions: 1). Diocesan Pastoral center 2). Vianney Jubilee School 3). LSSS 4). Kala Bhavan 5). Vianney Convent(FDSHJ) 6). Devdan Press 7). Sant Chavara Nivas (CMI) 8). CMI Social Service Society 9). Sant Chavara B. Ed College 10). MonFort Bhavan (SG) 11). Monfort ITI (SG) 12). Monfort National Open School(SG) 13). Wisdom Sisters(DW) 14). Dilasagram Convent(SHSp) 15). Dilasagram Convent High School 16). Dilasagram Grihini School(SHSp) 17). Dilasagram Social Work Centre
Description: St. Theresa's Church, Ballarpur was one of the churches in Chanda when this Ecclesiastical Unit was separated from the Archdiocese of Nagpur in 1962. This Church which is situated in the heart of Ballarpur town was blessed in 1937. the spiritual needs of the faithful were taken care by a diocesan priest from Sirpur Kaghaznagar till 1962. St. Theresa's church has been functioning as the parish church and the Cathedral of the dioceses since 1977. It was renamed as St. Thomas Cathedral on 23 March 1993. The mortal remains of Bishop Januarius CMI, the architect, visionary and the first bishop of Chanda rests in this Cathedral. Most of the parishioners hail from different parts of the country and work in Ballarpur Paper Mills, Railways, WCL etc. The Sisters of the Holy Spirit established their convent at Dilasagram, Bamni, 3 km away from here in 1975. They run an English Medium School, a Grihini School and Social Work Centre. The Monfort Brothers of St. Gabriel who run an Industrial Training Institute started their service at Bamni in 1980. They have started a National Open School in 2001 at Monfort ITI. With a view to develop Christian leadership among the new catholic who are mostly in the villages a Kala Bhavan for children, Boys and Girls, was started here in 1999 With SABS sisters from Kanjirapally Province on the staff. In the year of 2010 FDSHG sisters started a convent in Bishop home campus and started rendering their service in Cathedral and Vianney Jubilee school. In the year 2013 Kala Bhavan got a new building and it was shifted from Sanjo convent New Deheli to Bamni. Diocesan social work deparment(LSSS) also started functioning in the new building at Bamni from 2013